Types of Galaxies

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Three Different Types of Galaxies That You Need to Know – There are three different types of galaxy. However, the number of galaxies exist in the universe is like thousands. The classification of the galaxy types is usually based on the shape of the galaxy.

It is the easiest way to identify the type of the galaxy. The three galaxy types that are quite common and still used to identify a galaxy are: irregular, spiral, and elliptical. Below is more information about those three types of galaxy.

Irregular Galaxy

The first Types of Galaxies is called the irregular galaxy because this type of galaxy has, indeed, an irregular shape. This type of galaxy does not seem to have any definite shape.

The shape of this kind of galaxy can be very random but irregular galaxy is as “normal” as other type of galaxy. Irregular galaxy has constant motion and move easily from the center of the universe. The composition of irregular galaxy is including several elements like black holes, dust, stars, gases, and so on.

Three Different Types of Galaxies That You Need to Know
Which types of galaxies have a clearly defined disk component? | Credit: socratic.org

Spiral Galaxy

So far, spiral galaxy is the type of galaxy easiest to identify. Just by looking at the shape of the galaxy at a glance, experts can immediately tell that it is a spiral galaxy. Spiral galaxy has a very distinguish look. It has a large disk, a bulge, and a halo.

These three components are always found in spiral galaxy. Up until today, spiral galaxies are easily found in the universe, making this type of galaxy the most common one in the universe. It is believed that 77% of galaxies in the universe are in the form of spiral galaxy.

Elliptical Galaxy

Just like the spiral galaxy, elliptical galaxy is the Types of Galaxies with distinguish look. The shape of this type of galaxy is like elongated spherical shape. The center of this galaxy seems more like hollow because it does not have a visible bulge at the center. People believe that the center of elliptical galaxy is a black hole instead of any bulge.

Elliptical galaxy has other two features that may help experts to immediately recognize this Types of Galaxies. First, an elliptical galaxy is usually brighter (it contains more stars) and second, an elliptical galaxy does not move as freely as spiral or irregular galaxy. It mostly stands still, all the time.

Those are the information of the galaxy types so far known to men. If you are interested in the study of the universe, of course understanding well about the types of galaxy will help you a lot during the study.

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