The Sun Definition and Meaning

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The Sun Definition and Meaning – Most people are curious about the sun definition and meaning. The sun is commonly known as an object outside the earth which produces sunlight. Actually, the sun is more than that and it involves complex nature phenomena.

What the Sun Is?

The sun is one of objects in solar system. It is characterized with a yellow dwarf star or a hot yellow ball. This object runs in its orbit because of gravity. The sun has very important role with the growth of the earth.

The sun and the earth have a close connection and interaction. By this perfect interaction, the sun helps the earth to drive seasons, weather, climate, ocean currents, and many more.

The Orbit and Rotation

To know the size of this object, you need to know the detail first. For your information the size of the sun is about 432.168.6 miles. From this specific size, there is a fact that the size is not too large because there are several planets which larger than the sun.

The distance is far away from the earth for about 93 million miles. It is a luck because the earth doesn’t feel the sunlight closely otherwise all the creatures will be burned.

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The Size and Rotation

Because of gravity the sun runs perfectly on its orbit. In specific, the sun runs in a spiral arm known as the Orion Spur. Because of that, the position of the sun is on the center of the orbits. The sun is rotating and bringing all the objects to rotate along with it. It takes long time to get full rotation.

In fact, the sun only rotates for about 450.000 miles per hour. Because of the slow speed, the sun needs to take about 230 million years to reach complete rotation in the Milky Way. Some part of the earth which close to the sun will face day or bright whereas the part of the earth which far away from the sun will face dark or night.

The Structure

Seeing the shape of the sun, it looks like a ball of gas. In specific, the sun is created from hydrogen and helium. The hot temperature is produced because of the interaction between the sun and the gravity attraction. Due to the interaction, the sun produces up to 27 million Fahrenheit or 15 million degrees Celsius.

Just imagine how hot the temperature is. From the structure, the sun is divided into 6 different regions. Those are the core, the radiation zone, the convective zone, the visible surface or photosphere, chromosphere, and the corona.

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