The Planetary 101: What is the new Planet Called 2018?

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The Planetary 101: What is the new planet Called 2018? – When humanity first discovered space travels, humanity discovered that there are lots of other planets out there aside from our own, and up until now, people is still wondering about what is the new planet called 2018.

This shows that we are but a speck of dust within the cosmic universe, where our earth is only a miniscule fraction of what the universe has. Even in 2017, scientists discovered planets outside of our own SOLAR system, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

Surely when humanity first discovered the Milky Way, such discovery led to an uproar in the planetary world. Now that the world have developed gadgets that can help on interplanetary and intersystem studies, discovering what the universe has to offer is as easy as calculating formulas on a computer. With the advancement that the world carries at the moment, new discoveries should not be too much of a surprise.

That is why not many people (aside from them who are REALLY interested in the star systems), know that the scientists have discovered a new solar system that contains planets of their own.

The system in the talks

Said scientist (named Google because it is the scientists who worked our friendly neighbourhood search engine that discovered the new star system), discovered a new star system that is pretty interesting to see mainly because it resembles our very own solar system. Kepler-90, the name of the system, got eight planets within it, which is pretty much the same number of planets within the system that we are living.

What is the new Planet Called in 2018
Kronos: The eater of planets | Photo by: / NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (SSC-Caltech)

Scientists also discovered a new planet within that system (the 8th planet), in which they took the liberty to name it Kepler-90i (talk about being creative).

Kepler-90i? What characteristics does it have?

First and foremost, I have to tell you that the planet is rocky. It got rocks and mountains for its feature, and no sign of water can be found within the surface of this planet. This certainly makes sense simply because of the second ‘feature’ that I am going to say.

The planet itself is hot. It is very hot that even people called it a hell on a new star system. It orbits its star once every 15 days, which kind of explains why it is very hot (Mercury is sizzling hot for the very same reason). Because it is very hot, the scientists have not found even a single living organism within that planet, just like Mercury.

So, if you wonder about what is the new planet called 2018, Kepler-90i is the answer.

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  1. Astrologer has discovered a new planet which resembles with sun, and in the term of Astronomy you can named as ‘Kronos’ and help with essay says that it also called ‘planet eater’ …

  2. i love outer space but wow 15 new planets that great that why i want to be astronaut and travel thru space and new exoplanets but not alone i will go to space with a beautiful woman soon to be a future ms.sanders welcome to the multi-verse of 2018 star force power up

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