Solar System in Order from the Sun

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Solar System in Order from the Sun – The solar system is a formation of planets that moving around with sun (solar) as its center of the movement. It’s also known as the revolution of the planet. Our planet, Earth, is also one of the planets in this solar system. Precisely, our Earth is the third planet from the sun. So, how about other planets? Here are the explanations for all planets in the solar system in order from the sun.


This planet is the closest one from the sun. The size is a little bit bigger than our Moon. The temperature on its surface is totally different than the Earth. At day, the temperature on its surface is 840 degrees Fahrenheit (450 degrees Celsius). It’s more than 4 times the boiling water temperature. At night, the temperature drops below the freezing level. Basically, there is no living creature that can live on this planet.


Venus is the second planet closest from the sun. Although Venus is further than Mercury to the sun, it has hotter temperature than Mercury. At day and night, the temperature reaches 864 degrees Fahrenheit (462 degrees Celsius). Moreover, the atmosphere in Venus is toxic. It even has very strong pressure in its atmosphere that can crush you once you enter it.

Solar System in Order from the Sun


This is our beloved planet and the only planet that living creatures can live. The condition on its surface creates comfortable temperature for a living. The atmosphere is also breathable. The position of the 3rd planet from the sun is also perfect for all living creature in it.


The fourth planet from the sun has a similar condition like Earth. However, the atmosphere on Mars is too thin, which make it difficult for water and cloud to form, which is important for living creature to live. It said that there is a project that aims to change the Mars atmosphere, so it can become the place where humans can live in the future.


Jupiter is the fifth and the biggest planet among other planets in the Solar system. The size is almost 11 times of Earth diameter. Jupiter atmosphere mostly consists of hydrogen and helium. This gassy atmosphere always swirling around and, on some part, forms a unique spot, which is known as Great Red Spot. This planet has a dozen moons which make it looks like a mini solar system.


Saturn maybe can be considered to be the most famous and easy to recognize planet, because of its ring. The ring itself forms of ice and rock. A scientist hasn’t found how this ring was formed. And like Jupiter, Saturn also has many moons and the atmosphere that consists of thick hydrogen and helium.


Uranus is the strangest planet of all. The reason is the equator that is tilting. Therefore, the Uranus orbit is also different. Uranus has an atmosphere full of methane, which makes it has a blue-green appearance.


We also can call it the wind planet. The wind speed in Neptune is much faster than what you can find on Earth. It can even reach the speed of sound.

Those are 8 planets order from the sun that you can find in our Solar System. Each of them has a different characteristic. That makes each planet is interesting to learn more.

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