The Goals and Scope of Astronomy

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What are the Goals and Scope of Astronomy? – Finding out the goals and scope of astronomy is simply mesmerizing. As we all know, astronomy is an interesting study that revolves around the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, the galaxies, the comets, and everything else up there in space.

In astronomy, all phenomena in the universe will be studied and examined. According to NASA, the definition of astronomy is as simple as the study of stars, planets, and space. However, it seems more than that. To understand better about astronomy, the goals and scope of astronomy are also need to be explored. Below is the further information about it.

1. The Goals of Astronomy

Basically, astronomy will study everything about the space, including the stars, planets, and so on. There are many goals of astronomy. One of the primary goals is to study about extrasolar planets or the planets located beyond our space system and thus finding other alternative planets besides Earth that are habitable and could support life of human being.

This has been a famous goal of astronomy that attracts numerous experts to study more about the universe, especially the exoplanets. So far, approximately 40 exoplanets have been considered to be in the same size as Earth and have habitable zone.

The Goals and Scope of Astronomy

2. The Scope of Astronomy

The scope of astronomy is quite wide. Let us begin with astrophysics. Astrophysics is basically astronomy but with physical and chemical approach. People who study astrophysics use scientific approach to understand the nature of the universe and other celestial objects that exist.

Beside of that, the scope of astronomy also expands to the study of nuclear reactions which provides the energy radiated by space objects, like stars. Cosmology or what can be defined as the study of the universe’s evolution is also part of the scope of astronomy.

Basically, just like the universe that seems to be endless and full of possibilities, the study of astronomy also offers endless scope. However, most of them are still related to the study of the space objects and the space itself.

The definition of astronomy is now fully understood, as well as the goals of astronomy and the scope of astronomy. Considering how interesting this study is, you do not have to be surprised knowing that more and more people are interested in this study. Today, you have learnt about the goals and scope of astronomy and soon you will study easily about all phenomenon in the universe.

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