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All About Online Meteorology Degree Program – Online Meteorology Degree Program may rarely be heard by many people. There are people say that Meteorology Degree Program is a study about the meteor. Is it really that so? Here is the information about Meteorology Program.

What Is Meteorology Degree Program?

Meteorology program is a study about Earth’s atmosphere, such as the characteristic, the dynamics, and also other phenomena which are related to it. The basic sciences needed in learning Meteorology is math, chemistry, computer, physics, and geography. So, Meteorology Degree Program is not a study about the meteor.

Not many people have the passion to learn Meteorology Degree Program because they think that there are not many work prospects related to the program. People who graduated in Meteorology Degree Program are able to have a job in mining and oil. In the mining industry, a Meteorologist works to predict the weather around the mining area. If the weather in the mining area is not conducive, a Meteorologist has the right to stop any work activities until the weather is back to normal.

The Branches of Meteorology Degree Program

Meteorology Degree Program has several branches, such as:

Online Meteorology Degree Program
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1. Agricultural Meteorology

The meteorologists, the experts of soil science, hydrology, and agronomy often work together to learn about the effects of the weather and climate to plants’ growth, agricultural products, water use efficiency, phenology of plant and animal development, and also ecosystem energy balance. They are also interested to know how the vegetation and living things influence the climate and weather.

2. Flight Meteorology

Flight Meteorology is related to the effect of the weather on the air traffic. This one branch of Meteorology Degree Program is really important for the flight crew to understand the implication of the weather for their plane and flight plans.

3. Military Meteorology

Military Meteorology is a research and application from Meteorology for the importance of the military. Such as calculating the weather condition for particular strategy tactics, making sure the safety of military aircraft flights, and also an artificial weather application to attack the enemy.

4. Hydrometeorology

Hydrometeorology is a branch of meteorology which is related to hydrology cycle, water supply, and rain statistics. Hydrometeorology prepares and releases a weather forecast about the quantitative accumulation of precipitation, heavy rain and snow, and locations that will be affected and potentially subject to flooding. Usually, the range of knowledge used requires climatology and other branches of earth science.

5. Maritime Meteorology

This one of the branches of Meteorology Degree Program is related to the forecasting of sea waves and wind for the operations of marine and shipping.

If you are decided to take Meteorology Degree Program, you will be studying many lessons such as physics, chemistry, statistics science, weather analyst, meteorological computing, observation of air, and also weather forecasting.

Meteorology Degree Program is also related to other programs, such as architecture. With the help of a meteorologist, the architect is able to design a building which is suitable for the climate condition around the area. Those are the information about Online Meteorology Degree Program.

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