NASA Internet Speed & Its Other Fun Facts

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NASA Internet Speed & Its Other Fun Facts – Have you ever thought about NASA Internet Speed? NASA or National Aeronautics and Space Administration has many fun facts to see. Check them out!

NASA Internet Speed

NASA is a state institution of the United States of America which was created in 1958. This American state institution handles any duties related to the space programs. Since then, NASA has done many fantastic achievements that never be done by other space institutions. Not only the fantastic achievements they have, this space institution also has fantastic internet speed.

Do you know how fast the internet speed in NASA? It is known that the internet speed there is 91 Gbps or 91 Gigabyte per second! There is no place on earth which has the internet speed as fast as NASA. South Korea, a country which is claimed has the fastest internet speed, only has 25.3 Megabyte per second internet speed. Even the giant internet company, Google, with its Goole Fiber feature, only has 10 Gigabyte per second.

With the amazing internet speed in NASA, we can just need a few minutes to download hundreds of Gigabytes of files. But the 91 Gbps internet speed in NASA is only used for connecting among research facilities and research organizations all around the world. The internet speed is used only for sharing the files of research data or science experiments with huge data. So that not everyone can use NASA internet speed.

NASA Internet Speed & Its Other Fun Facts

Recruiting Sleepyhead

It is true that only the experts can have a job in NASA, but it means there is no chance for average people to get a job in this space institution. It is said that NASA once had recruited the sleepyhead. Yes, this American state institution had recruited people to sleep for 24 hours. The purpose is for its research about the impact of 0 gravitation to the humans’ bodies.

Even though those people just had to sleep, they were paid a quite huge salary. It was known that those sleepyheads were paid US$15.000 for sleeping!

The Astronauts of NASA Trained in a Wildlife

Maybe not many people know that becoming an astronaut in NASA should undergo a series of heavy training, including to survive in a wildlife. The astronauts in NASA have to be trained in a wildlife. It makes sense because when the astronauts come back to Earth, they will stay in a capsule and usually will land in a sea. Even though the capsule is not always landed in improper places. But NASA has to prepare any possibilities by preparing its astronauts to be able to survive in a wildlife.

The Biggest NASA’s Building Has Its Own Weather

Vehicle Assembly Building which is located in Kennedy Space Center is the fifth biggest building in the world. Its interior volume is more than 3.7 million cubic meters. The giant size of the building combined with the humidity weather in Florida creates a unique problem. It makes the Vehicle Assembly Building has its own weather. Those are the NASA internet speed and its other fun facts.

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