Exploring Our Solar System: All Things You Need to Know

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Exploring Our Solar System : All Things You Need to Know – Our solar system consists of a star and all of the objects that go around it. This includes moons, planets, meteoroids, and comets. Learn more about all of about solar system here.

Introduction to Our Solar System

Just for your info that most of the stars exist in the universe have their own planets. Thus, there is a huge number of a solar system – about tens of billions – in our galaxy, Milky Way. In addition, there are also solar systems that host more than a single star. If the solar systems have two stars, they are called a binary star system. But, they will be called as a multi-star system if there are three stars or more that orbit around them.

Our solar system is sited in the outer part of Milky Way’s spiral arm. It only consists of one star, that is Sun as well as everything that goes travel around it. The objects that orbit around our solar system include the eight planets along with their satellites just like the moon, our natural satellite. Not only that, the objects also include comets, asteroids, dwarfs planets along with their satellites, and smaller debris particles in countless amount. This is such a proof of how large the universe is.

Exploring Our Solar System All Things You Need to Know

Solar System’s Distance and Size

Our solar system is so large. If it is compared to the eight planets that go around the Sun, the solar system extends much farther than them. You can imagine how large it is! There is also Kuiper Belt that orbits Neptune in the solar system. The “giant belt” is made of a ring of icy bodies that have the smaller size than Pluto which is included as one the dwarf planets.

Meanwhile, on the edge part of the Kuiper Belt, there is something called as Oort Cloud. This is a shell that comes spherical shape that lies surround the solar system. There is no one that has succeeded to observe the object but most of the experts believe its presence in the universe. The experts predict the existence of this Oort Cloud by applying mathematical models observing comets that are believed to come from there. The object is formed of space debris icy pieces that come with the larger size than mountains. It orbits the Sun that extends up to 1.6 light years.

Formation and Structure of the Solar System

Researches reveal that our solar system is old and has been created more than 4.5 billion years ago. It is formed from a dense cloud of dust and interstellar gas. When the cloud gets collapsed because of a supernova – star explosion – it creates a solar nebula which is actually a swirling and spinning material in a disk shape.

The way the solar system is formed also influences the arrangements and orders of the planets and other objects around it. There are only rocky materials that could lay near the Sun and withstand the heat when the solar system is just formed. Thus, the first four planets in the solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars) come with small size and covered by rocky and solid surfaces.

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