Astronomy vs Astrology: What’s the Difference

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Astronomy vs Astrology: What’s the Difference – Astronomy vs astrology is always an interesting topic to talk about. Many people do not even know that both astronomy and astrology have different meanings. Considering that they have the same “astro” beginning, people would simply think that they are the very same.

Even though the words are very similar, the meaning of astronomy and the meaning of astrology is quite different. To avoid complication and to end confusion, take a closer look of the explanation about astronomy vs astrology down below.

The Difference Between Astronomy vs Astrology

To understand the difference between astronomy and astrology, you need to look at the history and scope of both studies. Let us begin with astronomy. Astronomy can be defined as a branch of space science dealing with almost all celestial objects in existence. Astronomy is also the kind of study that explores the entire space, and the physical universe.

So, basically anything related to things in outer space or beyond the atmosphere of the earth will be studied in astronomy. It includes, of course, the stars, the planets, asteroids, comets, and so on. Now let’s move on to astrology. Astrology can be defined as the study of the positions of celestial bodies and its interpretation for human affair.

Yes, you get it right. It is just like horoscope. That is why horoscope is also called astrology sometimes. Basically, when you study astrology, you will study more and more about the positioning of the stars, the planets, comets, and so on and find out how they affect events occur on earth.

Astronomy vs Astrology What’s the Difference
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The Conclusion

In conclusion, if you want to refer the study of the space in term of science (also the academic study), then the term that you need is astronomy. However, if you want to refer to the study of the space in the term of star positioning and its relation to events happening to humans on earth, the word you are looking for is astrology. In daily use, astronomy is used more than astrology. People tend to refer the study of the universe with the word astronomy.

Basically, the two terms are quite similar. However, one seems to be more scientific and the other one is more like superstitious. Both of them are correct, anyway, and there are many people studying both astronomy and astrology. Astronomy will explore the universe with scientific approach, meanwhile astrology will examine issues like other galaxies and exoplanets. This is why astronomy vs astrology is always interesting.

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