Amazing Planets Beyond our Solar System

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Amazing Planets Beyond Our Solar System – There are numerous planets beyond our solar system. If you think Earth, Venus, Mars, and so on are the only planets in the solar system, you are wrong. There are thousands more of them.

Yes, it is amazing to think that the earth is (so far) the only planet inhabitable by human and yet there are so many more of them out there. However, there really area planets beyond our solar system and today you will learn more about four of them.

1. The Gliese 581 D

This exoplanet is considered to be the most Earth-like exoplanet out there. The mass of the exoplanet is approximately 7 to 14 times the mass of the Earth. It has amazing similarity to Earth, including in the term of habitable zones, existence of solid surface, and the existence of ocean-like area where water seems to be easily found.

The problem with this exoplanet is the surface gravity that is way higher compared to Earth, making living seems to be more complicated there. The exoplanet, discovered on April 24th, 2007, excites a lot of people because they predict that this exoplanet has possible intelligent life forms, just like human on Earth.

Amazing Planets Beyond our Solar System
An artist’s illustration of the seven TRAPPIST-1 planets, in their respective orbits. Credit: NASA-JPL/Caltech

2. 91 Aquarii B

This planet is basically the exoplanet with the most suns. Earth, on the contrary, has only one sun. 91 Aquarii B was discovered on November 16th 2003. The system of the exoplanet has at least five suns.

Because of this uniqueness, this exoplanet becomes the center of interest among a lot of astronomers and astrophysicists. The condition of the exoplanet is extremely hot, making it impossible for human to inhabit the planet.

3. COROT-7b

This exoplanet was discovered on February 3rd 2009. The planet has density and inferred composition that are considered to be similar to those of Earth. However, unlike Earth, the exoplanet seems to be impossible to be inhabit by human or (probably) other intelligent life forms. It is because almost the entire surface of the exoplanet is covered by lava-like substance.

Those are four planets that do not belong to our solar system but yet they exist. Considering that the universe, along with the space and the solar system, is incredibly large and beyond exploration, it is believed that there should be even more planets out there that we do not even know of. This makes the study of planets beyond our system is even more interesting from time to time.

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