A List of Astronomy Jobs

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A List of Astronomy Jobs and Its Description – A List of Astronomy Jobs shown here comprises of different job opportunities involving Astronomy whether it be indirectly or directly. Something the average people are unaware of. If you are interested in making this field your career, read on to learn your options.


Generally defined as astronomers who study the nature of time and space as well as the evolution of the universe. Cosmologists are classified as a group of theoretical astronomers. Their line of work may often overlap that of physicists for a myriad of reasons. Started out as a part of celestial mechanics, in the 1920s Cosmology grew out of said historical discipline.

With Albert Einstein’s general relativity theory and George Lemaitre’s infamous big bang theory’s postulation, the discipline came into its own. When it comes to their line of work, Cosmologist typically opt out of making observations on their own. They tend to build their theories from various data and informations obtained from other astronomers.

Planetary Astronomers

This is perhaps one discipline that the average people are familiar with. Mastering studies surrounding planets in the solar system along with the extra-solar planets, Planetary astronomers do a lot of research. Other than two of the aforementioned studies, this particular astronomer also study the types and distribution of planets spotted in different solar systems.

The research that planetary astronomers are extensive and require abundance of knowledge and specific equipment. The instruments required to support their research include the following equipment:

  • Telescopes.
  • Instrument to measure planets’ composition, dimension, and motion.
  • Instrument to measure other planetary bodies such as asteroids.
A List of Astronomy Jobs and Its Description
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Solar and Stellar Astronomers

A List of Astronomy Jobs would not be complete with solar and stellar astronomers. Typically mentioned under the same category, the job of solar astronomers and stellar astronomers are distinctive in nature. Solar astronomers specifically study the sun. Thus, its research greatly focuses on the composition of not only the sun; but also solar flares, sunspots, eclipses, and a lot of other solar phenomenon.

While solar astronomers makes the sun of their focus, stellar astronomers have a slightly different focus. Their study revolves around the suns of different solar systems. One of their primary jobs is to properly identify the composition and type of the suns in other solar systems.

Radio Astronomers

Specializing in radio telescope technology, radio astronomers are capable of operating the technology to support their line of work. This massive radio wave receivers have the ability to detect a myriad of naturally occurring radio emissions. Some of which are derived from the quasars, galaxies, stars and other celestial objects.

Using radio telescope technology, radio astronomers are able to learn anything about a celestial object regardless of its distance. Not only that, they also eliminate background noise by separating radio signals from noises associated with these objects.

Galactic and Extra-Galactic Astronomers

Studying objects in extreme distance, Galactic and Extra-Galactic Astronomers must be able to operate sophisticated instruments to do their job. Modern equipment such as space telescopes and radio telescopes are used in all of their research. The research typically involves identification of distribution patterns, stars’ condition and composition, as well as gases. Hope this A List of Astronomy Jobs helps.

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